My avocation as a racing photographer began in 1967 with my first publication in Road & Track, a national magazine.  Since then I’ve published in numerous magazines and newspapers, prepared publicity photography for racing teams and tracks, and had an Associated Press assignment that resulted in my photos appearing in over 200 newspapers and web sites around the world.  My work has also been republished in several international racing websites as well as in two books: Lola T70, The Design, Development & Racing History by John Starkey & Franco Varani; and The Complete Story of Slow-Talking Fast-Driving Texan Lloyd Ruby by John Lingle.

When not indulging my photographic interests, I was a professor of philosophy, specializing in the philosophy of science, at the Ohio State University from 1970 to 1995. I took advantage of an early retirement option and completed a law degree at the University of Chicago School of Law after which I went on to practice large-scale commercial litigation, eventually at the Jones Day law firm, where I had the good fortune to serve as second chair on a case before the United States Supreme Court.

Now retired from the practice of law I’ve returned to the philosophy of science and have coauthored two books with the distinguished historian of science, Allan Franklin: Measuring Nothing Repeatedly, Null Experiments in Physics; and Once Can Be Enough: Decisive Experiments, Replication Not Required.

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