I got hooked on auto racing as a young boy when I photographed the Giant’s Despair Hillclimb in Laurel Run, Pennsylvania, first with a simple Brownie and then with my Grandmother’s Argus C3. Many years later, my interest turned more serious and helped pay the bills while I was a graduate student at the University of Chicago in the late sixties. During that period my photos appeared in Road and Track, Autoweek and Car Life. I also provided advertising and press release photographs for several teams and sponsors including Jim Hall’s Can-Am team, and the Simonize sponsored USRRC and Can-Am cars driven by Chuck Parsons and Skip Scott. Unfortunately, I had to cut back on my photographic endeavors once I became a faculty member, and eventually full professor, at The Ohio State University, though I continued to freelance for a publisher of local newspapers. During my academic career, as a philosopher of science, I received several National Science Foundation and other research grants, and had the good fortune to be a resident scholar at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Villa at Bellagio on Lake Como. I took advantage of an early OSU retirement buy-out in 1995, completed a law degree at the University of Chicago, and went on to practice business litigation, including securities fraud, for nearly ten years, eventually retiring from the Jones Day law firm. While an attorney, good fortune again came my way and I served as second chair on a case before the United States Supreme Court. I now primarily work pro bono for non-profit organizations and have an adjunct professorship at the Capital Law School. Retirement from the full-time practice of law has made it possible not only to spend more time with my very patient and supportive wife and family (see my 1969 Can-Am portfolio), but also for me to return to racing photography.